B2Client web-2-print motivation, what's in it for the client?

What motivates a client to adopt web-2-print?

There are 3 key reasons:

1. Saving Money

Now more than ever businesses are reviewing every line of expenditure – including print. web-2-print reduces the administrative cost of processing orders and clients will realistically expect to share this benefit. However, printers should not discount more than they need to.

2. Brand Alignment

Corporate, multi-site and franchise networks usually have extensive brand manuals detailing every application of brand use. Often ‘brand alignment’ gets forgotten when procurement reaches the local branch level.

Highlighting the implications of this and how web-2-print can solve this problem should form a key element when pitching this type of system.

3. Business Efficiency

We have to present the case for how web-2-print will improve business efficiency. How will it remove client-side admin, provide better internal reporting and better enable cross-department collaboration?

For multi-site businesses, the print procurement process can either be centralised, or devolved to the local branch. B2client web-2-print needs to work in context of the client’s corporate multi-level structure.

The art of implementing B2Client web-2-print is to be able to identify the salient problem and its impact on the performance of their business.

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