Frequently Asked Questions

w3p is cloud-based software for graphic designers, web designers, sign businesses, print brokers and printers themselves. w3p has modules to sell online with w3shop, create private web-to-print portals for end clients with w3client, and a simple yet powerful back-office for easy order management.

w3p is cloud-based Software-as-a-Service. We host on our servers and manage back-up, maintenance and contingency. All you and your client need to run w3p is a modern web browser.

Sure. w3client and w3shop both have responsive themes, which reflow the content so they work beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop. When it comes to editing templates, we have three editors built-in – an HTML5 template editor for modern desktop browsers, a Flash editor for legacy browsers and a touch-optimised template editor for iPad and tablets. Depending on the device the client is using, we’ll show the most appropriate editor automatically.

Yes, this is your business, not a franchise, so you can operate how you want.

If you order an item from Marqetspace, their on-time success rate is 99.8%, that’s up 0.1% on last year. This year Marqetspace are determined to make their service even more assured. When they do fail, there is a predetermined scale of recompense that reflects the primary loss and administrative burden.

To get the best value from the system, for example online client portals, you’ll want to input your client data. For the avoidance of doubt, all client data and the like entered onto the system by w3p partners, remains the exclusive property of the partner.

No. w3p is a web-to-print, workflow, proofing, preflighting and ordering-centred software solution. Sure, it’s used by and Nettl franchises and other partners internationally, but the w3p formula is available to use your way, with your brand, your production and your suppliers, without long term obligation.

An initial term of 12 months, with 3 month’s notice thereafter.

Yes, that’s what w3shop and w3client modules of w3p do. You can set up private logins for all your clients, or microsites for larger accounts. Or with w3shop, you can set up a public shop for visitors to self-register.

Presently w3p is configured to work with Stripe, Buckaroo, PayU, WorldPay and PayPal with whom we have negotiated very preferential rates for our partners. If you don’t already have a merchant account, then Stripe allows you to take credit and debit card payments almost immediately, without any setup fees or monthly charges – you just pay as you go.

All the prices for the use of w3p are set out here. There are no other costs, but you will need a copy of Adobe InDesign if you want to build templates, however this is not required if you are only receiving template orders.

As well as the tactical training we provide on webinars, we provide strategic training, delivered regionally. This includes selling to larger companies and managing larger accounts. Terms of engagement, service level agreements, along with presentation skills are covered.

w3p is a division of Grafenia plc (formerly plc) that makes the software., a division of Grafenia plc sell mainly through franchised resellers, but operate a small number of outlets themselves which are used to pioneer and develop the formula. Grafenia also operate and, which are both running on the w3shop platform.

Just yours. This is designed to be ‘white label’. During a formal tender process (with a large company or public sector) if it assists you (and subject to our consent) then you may disclose the Marqetspace relationship allowing you to cite Marqetspace’s ISO9000, 14000 and FSC registrations.

Fees and system charges are charged monthly by direct debit. Payment terms will be offered depending on status.

Yes you can, although any editable text needs to use a font that has been uploaded to our InDesign server and is licensed for use in an online environment (more complex and costly than a normal desktop license). We have over 2,100 fully licensed fonts available for w3p partners to use in their templates from the Monotype, Linotype and ITC libraries.