Where do these templates come from?

TemplateCloud UK is now in excess of 14,000 templates plus another 65,000 in different languages. Where do all these templates come from?

We crowdsource them. Crowdsourcing in the graphic arts sector is often characterised by photo libraries. We took the same approach and crowdsourced original designs from real graphic designers around the world.

This was possible because at the heart of w3p templates are easy to make. That means a graphic designer anywhere in the world, who knows how to use InDesign, already has the skill set to build w3p templates. There’s no training curve except watching a short tutorial video.

This means the graphic designers could create their design and then via templatecloud.com upload the file and hey presto it’s become an editable online web-2-print template.

w3p users building templates for their corporate clients benefit in the same way. If the designer can use InDesign, then they’re home and dry in terms of template creation skill set.

This approach not only eliminates the need to learn some proprietary template building software but could save up to 2 hours crafting each template.

For more information or an online demonstration please contact us at info@w3p.com.