Online orders are more valuable than the ubiquitous '£5 business cards for the baby-sitter'?

We hear this time and time again that printers are interested in the b2b web-2-print market, but they fear that the b2c market is too low value, too competitive and requires too much upfront investment. Indeed, this is the view of one speaker at the recent PODI Conference in London.

The reality is the b2c label masks the real opportunity of selling online.

The online market is rich in orders around about the £100 mark covering flyers and leaflets, mini brochures etc. For clubs, organisations and SME businesses alike.

Indeed, in today’s marketplace graphic designers are increasingly giving back their client a PDF file and encouraging them to buy the printing direct ‘ as they are unable to make a mark-up on the printing.

This boosts the online printing market. The client is now placing the orders that once upon a time may have come from the graphic designer direct online.

That’s why we developed w3shop. w3shop simply replaces the printer’s website with a webshop that generates revenue.

Of course the printer can still highlight all of their offline services, facilities and capabilities, but take orders as well.

Online sales ‘ make sure you’ve got the capability to accept orders online.

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