What’s your Google Ranking? – Google Survey Pt 3

In our previous posts on the Google survey we looked at how many local businesses appear on the first page of the organic search results for Google, and of these websites what proportion had any transactional capability.

The final element of this survey was the number of these websites that carried out any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve their ranking in the organic listing.

SEO is an infinitely complex and ever-changing concept. In order to measure whether local printer’s websites were exhibiting some signs of SEO activity we had to narrow the parameters.

New and original content such as blogs are a basic starting point and probably the easiest place to begin. This is essentially what we measured – the number of websites that were adding regular content in the form of blogs or monthly offers.

As before, we analysed the printers’ websites to find out how many showed any signs of the above activity:

Google Survey
Of the printer’s websites analysed, on average 28% showed some sign of SEO activity. If we extrapolate the above figures over the year, it point towards an 8% annual rise in the number of websites demonstrating SEO activity, however with only two datum points the underlying rate of change is not revealed with this data.

The results demonstrate that local printers are appearing on the first page of Google, even when they display no apparent SEO activity. If the vast majority (72%) do not carry out any apparent SEO activity then there would appear to be a real opportunity for the printers who carry routinely carry out SEO activity.

Again, when looking at the websites in the ‘paid-for’ listings, almost all without exception exhibited SEO activity.

What is clear from the results of our Google Survey is that, although Google favours the local printer in web search, too few of these printers have the necessary mechanisms to compete in the B2All marketplace.

However by rectifying this, the opportunity exists to steal a real march on the local competition.

For more information or a copy of the full Google survey, please email info@w3p.com