web-2-print: SaaS versus Hosted

A decade ago Sofware as a Service (SaaS) was the exception. Most software solutions were hosted locally, on the printer’s server either by the IT manager or even the head of prepress.

Today, SaaS is becoming an increasingly popular solution. You don’t need to host the software, or manage updates or back-ups yourself. It runs in the ‘Cloud’, allowing the printer and even their clients to access the SaaS via any web browser.


Conventionally with self-hosted software, payment is via an upfront fee with annual maintenance fees for updates and support.

Whereas with SaaS the move is towards lower initial fees (or even no upfront fee such as our web-2-print system) coupled with pay-per-use, pay-per-click arrangements.


The argument against SaaS is centred around control being taken away from the printer – what happens if the server goes down? What happens if we can’t get access?

The SaaS provider would put the argument that they are eminently better positioned to maximise ‘uptime’ due to the multi-server, multi-location infrastructure.

Could a printer a printer achieve the same uptime as a SaaS service? It all comes down to investment – the number of servers utilised, as well as dedicated IT resources to keep the software up and running around the clock.

web-2-print: SaaS versus hosted

For w3p, we decided the SaaS route would be a better option. We believe we can rovide our partners with a higher degree of uptime. We add new functions and updates daily, which is impractical via a self-hosted model.

To find our more about our web-2-print solution please email info@w3p.com