How should you adapt your web-2-print pitch?

When pitching web-2-print, aside from the different roles you may encounter, as discussed in this
blog post, different behavioural profiles also come into play.

Myer Briggs, Merrill & Reid (Drivers, Expressives, Analysts and Amiables) or Insights (Reds, Yellows, Greens and Blues) provide ways in which to think about behavioural patterns in the workplace.

Below we have broken down what web-2-print might mean for 4 different broad groups of people:

The ‘Go-Getter’

Typically characterised by the MD. ‘Go-getters’ are competitive, determined, strong-willed and purposeful.

The pitch to a go-getter needs to be direct and to the point, delivered in a no frills manner.


Typically characterised by senior marketing/creative position. Creatives are extrovert, demonstrative, persuasive and have lots of ideas.

For creatives the pitch needs to be high energy, enthusiastic and stimulating.


Typically characterised by analysts or the financial functions. Scrutinisers are analytical, cautious, formal and precise.

Similar to the ‘go-getter’ the pitch to the scrutiniser needs to be to the point, giving enough time for them to evaluate the relevant points in the pitch.

Often characterised by other marketing functions, people of a cohesive nature are encouraging, patient, relaxed and amiable. The pitch should be soft and carefully spoken.

Understanding the different behavioural patterns of the people in the sales journey is important in order to adapt your web-2-print pitch accordingly.