Should I charge my client for web-2-print systems?

This is the number one FAQ when it comes to web-2-print.

In an ideal world we would always charge for system set up, but the reality is we may not be able to charge in full or for every system.

Web-2-print implementers face a risk-versus-reward commercial judgement (as set out below).

Commercial Decisions when charging for web-2-print

From the client’s perspective, it’s the cost of build vs savings (in terms of time and money), while for the printer, it’s the cost vs the expected monthly or annual contribution.

The actual cost will depend on the time it takes to build the system.

Possible Parameters

Of course monthly maintenance/management fees are an option. However we see fewer and fewer clients agreeing to a monthly fee unless there is significant third-party product.

Therefore the build costs need to be recovered either directly or from the resulting print.

If a deal can’t be agreed upon, contingent or retrospective charges could be considered, and a figure per PDF or month for use of the system with third party items.