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web-2-print: SaaS versus Hosted

A decade ago Sofware as a Service (SaaS) was the exception. Most software solutions were hosted locally, on the printer’s server either by the IT manager or even the head of prepress. Today, SaaS is becoming an increasingly popular solution. You don’t need to host the software, or manage updates or back-ups yourself. It runs […]

How should you adapt your web-2-print pitch?

When pitching web-2-print, aside from the different roles you may encounter, as discussed in this blog post, different behavioural profiles also come into play. Myer Briggs, Merrill & Reid (Drivers, Expressives, Analysts and Amiables) or Insights (Reds, Yellows, Greens and Blues) provide ways in which to think about behavioural patterns in the workplace. Below we […]

web-2-print and your team's perceptions

Embracing client web-2-print involves changing the way in which some of your team work. Your sales director, account managers, creatives and technical people will all have a different take on web-2-print. Some may even hold views that oppose web-2-print. It’s worth stripping back to basics the dynamics and drivers for the different roles within your […]

B2client web-2-print: Who wants what?

Understanding the client’s business and what the key stakeholders want is an essential step in selling web-2-print. So who wants? The diagram below shows the drivers for the various roles within the SuperSuds Cleaning Franchise*.

B2Client web-2-print motivation, what's in it for the client?

What motivates a client to adopt web-2-print? There are 3 key reasons: 1. Saving Money Now more than ever businesses are reviewing every line of expenditure – including print. web-2-print reduces the administrative cost of processing orders and clients will realistically expect to share this benefit. However, printers should not discount more than they need […]

What are the stages for pitching client web-2-print

We’ve previously discussed the market for client web-2-print and the differences between selling print and web-2-print, particularly as the size and complexity of the system increases, say for a Franchise network. So what are the stages involved when pitching this type of system? We’ve broken this process into 3 stages in the diagram below. The […]

How does selling web-2-print differ from selling print?

Think of your biggest printing accounts. In most instances they probably started small. One job, you show what you can do and you deliver the job. From there on you foster the client relationship. So how does that differ with web-2-print? Of course a client’s web-2-print activity could grow over time in the same way […]

The printer's web-2-print sweetspot

In a previous post we spoke about the web-2-print sweetspot from the client’s perspective, but what about for the printer? Building web-2-print systems – microsites, templates etc is the operational reality for the printer. Whether or not you charge for the building of these systems (as discussed in this blog post), if web-2-print is to […]

The market for client web-2-print

Who buys client web-2-print? The infograph below shows the scope of web-2-print in the B2client market: 1 – Top Layer Featuring accounts in many cases in excess of £100k per year. 2 – Major, multi-site businesses Corporates, franchises, charities…the multi-site nature of these organisations seems to lend itself to web-2-print. Address changes, local offers etc […]